Standard instead of zero in Add Constraints Dialog

After one of the latest upgrades my Add Constraints Dialog has a placeholder that reads ‘Standard’ all the time, when a try to set a value of 0 it comes back to the word Standard, when I add the constraints, having unchecked the Constrain to Margins and having set the 4 constraints to Superview, XCode sets the element to the safe area instead of set it to the limits. Does anybody know why this is happening? or how can I change this Standard mode to Canvas value mode?

Thank you!

Hi Nachogerson,

I have the same problem.

I cam across a stack overflow thread that says this is a bug in the latest Xcode.

I.e. if you enter 0 in the constraints dialog, it defaults to standard. The below suggests to add a small number e.g. 0.01 or to manually go to the constraint afterwards and change the constant to zero.