Starting an Journey is not Easy,

Yes, I was here a year ago, I was a Good Boy then, fast forward to now, and I can happily spend $20 on Netflix thinking It’s my chill time, but not on my skills. Is it that hard? Can’t answer that question until I have tried it. So, Here I am again, starting my journey to being a Great iOS Developer. Be a part of my journey and learn about the ups and downs, tips and tricks I learn and what my journey is! with my Journal named “Starting a Journey is not Easy, …”

The intro was a bit too Cinematic, My name is Japinderdeep and here I am spending the first 10-20 minutes setting a tone for me. So that, Whenever I feel low on lonely, I can have something to hold on to.
I am learning for my better self and skills and yes! because I love solving problems and want to create software that helps everyone on the planet (or Aliens, if they exist). And yes! I will be responsible for all my mistakes this time and I will focus on my growth, not on the project. I will leave this journey if in 3 months I see no improvement in myself, no discipline in myself and I see no confidence in myself.

Wish me luck and see you at tomorrow’s Checkin

So, It’s a New Day, New check-in. I am going through a lot right now, I have my feet in many boats and they all are sailing towards their respective shores. But I am sure I will get out of this and arrange myself so that I can give directions to the boat, not the wind. So today’s plan is to set up everything on GitHub once again with similar projects but a great quality and proper documentation.
I want to learn how to document a code so that at the end I know where I was and what I am doing.