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Starting my 14 day challenge today. Few questions


I am looking to completely change my career (from sales into IT and am in my late 40s). I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of different types of IT jobs/opportunities/paths out there. But after reviewing quite a lot of different paths in IT, I see this world of iOS app development intrigues me the most. As I’ve never coded before, I’m just not entirely sure if this is something for me yet, but I am very interested and do like the future prospects of this industry.

I also do worry a bit that after going through a course like this, and learning what I need to get started, that it may be difficult to find work? Is it possible the market is flooded by now with iOS app developers? I’ve worked remotely for many many years and hope to continue to do this in this field, is this realistic to find?

One other thing, I’m using a 2019 MacBook Air. 8gig ram. 250GB flash storage (although I only have about 25GB free). Will this computer be sufficient for this course/career?


Welcome to the community!

There’s always opportunities. Nothing is ever “too saturated,” think about music, if music was “too saturated” we’d never have any new music.

Build a good resume and portfolio, and you can find a job

Yes 100% you can find a fully remote iOS dev role

Yes, it may be a touch slow here and there, but if you can’t afford to get a new one, any Mac will work. Like anything, if you can upgrade the computer specs, that’d be nice, but if not, what you have works.

iOS dev is a lot of fun and there’s tons to learn! Don’t get overwhelmed, you’ll never know everything, but learning the basics is a great start! Do you have a timeline when you’d like to get an iOS dev job? ( in 1 year, or like in 5 years?)

Thank you for the response! very helpful info… :slight_smile:

I’d like to get into this line of work within a year for sure. Even earlier if at all possible.

I would suggest going through iOS Foundations cause, in UIKit, NOT SwiftUI

Not sure how much you’ve looked into it yet, but SwiftUI is a new framework for making the UI of the app, and because it’s so new, not all companies have used it yet. UIKit is the framework that’s been used since iOS was released