Starting to feel overwhelmed

I started off by doing the War Card game and had no issues at all. I understood all the topics and built the project successfully with little issue. Felt the same way for much of ‘The Menu App’ up until the end. Right round sections 7, 8, and 9 the videos start to get a bit long and dived pretty deep into lots of things all at once and it’s hard for me to keep up. These were the parts about reusable components and structuring out your app. Feels like I’m drowning a bit. It was the first time in the lessons it felt like diving off a cliff instead of gently learning each topic.

What can I do? Is it just me? Starting to have doubts about continuing on with the courses. I’m worried about paying to continue and then the instruction getting too hard for me to follow along. Feels like I may not be capable as the scope of CWC gets harder and harder.

We all learn in different ways. Some of us are visual learners and others are theoretical learners.

Some of the Swift concepts that you will encounter will take some time to digest and understand. Don’t be discouraged if something that you have studied is taking time to make sense. That’s pretty normal and it’s only through practice and re-reading (or re-watching lessons) that something may all of a sudden make sense.

It also may mean watching a tutorial from someone else who takes a different approach to the same subject that may make the difference. Consider checking out Stewart Lynch, Sean Allen and Paul Hudson on YouTube since they all do things a little differently. There are many more creators on YouTube who teach Swift and I have only named a few of those I have followed. is a good resource for how to do things but I find that some of the people on there can be adversarial particularly if you ask a question that they think has been already answered and can be quite blunt with their comments.

I would encourage you to ask questions on this forum as there is no such thing as a dumb question. We all started out knowing nothing about Swift.

Thank you for thoughtful response

Learning to code is hard… there’s no way around this, I’m pretty sure in the beginning almost everybody feels exactly the way you feel - I know I did!

But if you enjoy it, I encourage you to push through, and to do it for fun. Go through the courses one by one. Invest a bunch of time into each challenge. Google concepts beyond the course. For example, I remember in 2021 googling extensively short-hand arguments when Chris started using them in Foundations because it would confuse the crap out of me. Two years later, it’s absolutely crystal clear in my head.

Also like Chris Parker says, ask questions here when you’re stuck. I know I asked questions over some silly problems in the beginning :sweat_smile:

You can do this!!


I have to say coding day after day can be taxing on the mind, even if we get better at it, as experienced developers more challanging tasks are thrown at us, hence its important to be realistic and not over exert ourself.

Some people can handle pressure better then others , so try and relax and do things at your pace, also start to look for a job or freelance work, money can be a great incentive…

So to cut the long story short, its going to be like this even 15 years from now , issues of burnout and what not, but as of now, you need to find an incentive, preferebly a financial one , to stay motivated …

BTW i love chris style of teaching , he stays calm, speaks slowly and just like us when he gets stuck , thinks and debugs, so you will not feel over burdended …


How many times do you watch a video before doing the code? I watch at least five times. As I watch a video several times, I am gaining more understanding for each topic. I also use chatgpt 4 for further comprehension of the topics.

When I did Chris’s content, I would write the code with him. That method doesn’t work for everyone, and I definitely replayed segments that I needed to replay. One thing Chris emphasizes is note taking. That’s really important so you can gain understanding of why you’re writing it. It also will be helpful when using the code in future projects. As long as you understand what you wrote, you’ll be able to grab pieces from other projects.

I agree with @amitsrivastava115 it is definitely taxing, but will get easier if you keep at it. I personally have been taking a few months break of coding, but still want to, and is at it again. I definitely have some catching up to do but everyone feels that after a WWDC.

I am getting frustrated because the options displayed in Chris’s videos do not always appear the same for me. Here is lesson 3:
For example in “show library” I now only see 4 options, starting with Snippets. What happened to View?