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Stock Tracker App Video Submitted

So, I submitted the video of my app. Worked on UISearchBar design, happy how it turned out. I made a simple launch screen and the app is one screen app. It shows alert if the stock ticker is invalid. If you search a stock that’s already in the app’s database the stock will be updated.
I was going through a tutorial where I learnt about pop up view. So, I implemented a pop up view that displayed stock H, L, O, Volume and a button to refresh the stock but I didn’t include the implementation on the video. I am planning to create a video of how I created the stock tracker app.


Can you please share which API service you used? It will be very helpful

Thank you

Hello! Company stocks batch request Free API- FinancialModelingPrep its the same API Chris used for the demo solution of the challenge.

Thank you… :pray: