Stuck on Challenges

So I’ve been moving along pretty successfully through the Module 1 lessons in iOS Foundations(SwiftUI) with no major stumbling blocks. Then challenge 11 and 12 had me looking at the resource code to find the answers. I then went on to module 2 and the first challenge in lesson 2 has me stuck again. It’s like I don’t know where to begin. So I went back to module 1 and completed all the challenges without looking at the resource and now I’m ready the take on module 2. But looking at it still has me wondering where to begin. For instance are we using the card images from the war challenge and how do I reference the suits versus the actual cards. I’m rambling now from frustration I’ll be able to make more sense later I’m sure.

It’s the same for me. Module 1 and its challenges were not that difficult. I’m struggling with Module 2 Lesson 2 challenge since 2 days. I think they made a barrier to show people where they are! The good thing: it shows you what you don’t know and you are forced to look up things thoroughly. I’m working with the solution to move on. Without the solution for me it would be impossible! And that’s good. I’m recapping structures, arrays, initializers and so on. So stay tuned

Thank you, I’m working on re-engineering it from the solution as well. Staying tuned.

I don’t know if it helps, but you have to think of this and war cards project as being completely different. Think more about what the Module 2 lessons have been about.
There are no images here, just use text e.g. - Four of Spades

Module 2 does get hairier as it goes on. So take your time.

One thing I like to do is just write down what I’m trying to figure out in a notebook. Take it a piece at a time. Then piece the pieces together. Also, you can work on bits of it in a playground so you don’t get hung up on the layout. You don’t need cards on this one just write it out. Like 2 of Clubs.

I’m going to try doing it that way, cause I do get hung up on the layout. Thanks. I ended up getting frustrated and moved on to lesson 3 and now stuck there too. So I’ll just slow down and take it in steps. Googling has helped as well to move me along.

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