Study Plan to follow!

Hi to all,

I am new here, and I don’t know from where to start ; since there are several sources.

Currently I am in iOS Foundations 2023 course , after that which course shall I start ? then what ? etc…

is their any suggested plan to follow ??


The " iOS Foundations 2023 (SwiftUI)" course is not complete in terms of the number of Modules. At the moment Lessons are still being added to the Restaurant App and after Chris Ching has completed that he will likelymove on to the Guidebook App.

The current series of SwiftUI courses like “iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)” and " iOS Databases (SwiftUI)" are being affected to some degree by the evolution of SwiftUI and of course iOS and Xcode. Some of the API’s and methods that were working fine in previous versions of iOS and Xcode are not necessarily working under iOS16 and Xcode 14.3. Some of those API’s and methods have changed and for any one new it can be challenging to figure out how to make them work.

Thanks a lot for your reply,

As you mentioned some sources are being affected to some degree by the evolution of SwiftUI, and the iOS Foundations 2023 still not complete ; accordingly , how can I know what to study and what not to study .

for new people like me , is there a road map to follow ?


After you finish the iOS Foundations 2023 SwifUI course you could do the Learn iOS in 90 Days course which guides you through the iOS Foundations SwiftUI course making sure you don’t do too much in one sitting.

Like I said earlier there is a chance you might find that there are some sticking points with changes from Xcode 12.4 to 14.2 but see how you go if you do decide to have a crack at it.

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A flowchart of what I can do next would be great. It’s likely (or not?) that some modules have pre-reqs and backfilling knowledge gaps is frustrating. Do you have an education flow diagram that shows my course and module options? I’m not sure what I have completed or if there are overlapping sections between modules since the 90day course overview has lesson numbers without descriptions. I would be very happy to be told what to do next, I don’t need choice yet as I want to learn it all as efficiently as possible.

I am taking iOS Foundations 2020. You can use Xcode 14 for this course. Learned a lot. I don’t underhand why they don’t provide a path of courses to take to clear this confusion.