Supporting “Zoomed” mode?

I have made a project and I found out that stuff goes off the screen if the user has the setting “display zoom” set to “Zoomed”, is there a setting on xcode where my app stays the same no matter what setting the user is on?

Welcome to the community Malindu

What’s your screen look like? What objects go off screen when zoomed?

This is a screen shot from my phone which has zoomed mode on, if I turn zoom off then every thing looks perfect

Zoomed mode is an Accessibility option that by default is set to off so I presume that is an option you have set to on for your own personal requirements.

Is your project UIKit or SwitfUI?

My project is in UIkit

Do you have ‘accessibility’ code added to your project?
Does the project run correctly on your simulator?

I don’t know what accessibility code is, and Yes on my simulator it works fine because it has zoomed off

Ok I assumed that you have zoomed set to ON for your own device because of an accessibility need so if that is not the case then the normal mode is zoomed set to OFF in which case your code works as it should.

Is there a way where even if I am on zoomed mode then still the app works?