Swift 15 should I downgrade to 14 for the lessons?

I just started to work with the iOS app and the Xcode is using Swift version 15.2 it seems somewhat different from the swift v 14 that are shown in the examples. Should I uninstall the Xcode and downgrade it to swift 14?

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Which course are you following at present?

I was following the iOS foundations with swift UI and from the videos they seem to be using version 14. On the Xcode swift that I am currently using 15 it is about double the code shown. Would it be better to downgrade it to Swift version 14?

here is a screenshot of what I have

This is what is shows in the Lesson

Something does not add up here.

You say that the code you have (where did you get that code from?) differs to that of the lesson.

Exactly which course are you following (exact course name) that has the code in the first image and which lessons were you following that specified that code?

Which lesson are you following with regard to the second image and what timestamp in the video?