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Swift Apps on Android

Hey, I am currently starting to learn Swift and am really enjoying it so far. The problem is, that it’s important for my project, to work on both IOS and Android. I thought, that Swift can also be used for Android but recently found out, that this is not the case. In the Internet I only found this Website: https://mutata.io, that is claiming to be able to convert your App. Is there someone, that has already experienced that problem and has a solution to it? Or is there someone, that knows, if mutate (the Website) is a good option and isn’t really buggy.

I’d really appreciate some help!


Welcome to the community Phil!

You’re correct, you can not use Swift for Android development.

I haven’t used that website, so I can’t speak to that.

Your options are:

  • Write native apps for each platform. Use Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android
  • Use a cross-platform solution, to have one codebase for both platforms, like Flutter that uses Dart programming language or React Native, that uses JavaScript
    • Note RN, is not native, it’s a cross platform (despite its poor name)
  • Or still still write Swift and Kotlin for each platform, and use Kotlin Multiplatform, to share logic between the iOS and Android version

As a beginner, your best bet is to use Flutter (which this forum isn’t focused on, but you can find other forums with better info on it)