Swift Apps on Android

Hey, I am currently starting to learn Swift and am really enjoying it so far. The problem is, that it’s important for my project, to work on both IOS and Android. I thought, that Swift can also be used for Android but recently found out, that this is not the case. In the Internet I only found this Website: https://mutata.io, that is claiming to be able to convert your App. Is there someone, that has already experienced that problem and has a solution to it? Or is there someone, that knows, if mutate (the Website) is a good option and isn’t really buggy.

I’d really appreciate some help!


Welcome to the community Phil!

You’re correct, you can not use Swift for Android development. (you can use Swift for writing Android apps with SCADE, but this isn’t the typical path for development)

I haven’t used that website, so I can’t speak to that.

Your options are:

  • Write native apps for each platform. Use Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android
  • Use a cross-platform solution, to have one codebase for both platforms, like Flutter that uses Dart programming language or React Native, that uses JavaScript
    • Note RN, is not native, it’s a cross platform (despite its poor name)
  • Or still still write Swift and Kotlin for each platform, and use Kotlin Multiplatform, to share logic between the iOS and Android version
  • Or use SCADE, 3rd party framework, for writing Swift on Android and iOS,

As a beginner, your best bet is to use Flutter (which this forum isn’t focused on, but you can find other forums with better info on it)


Hi, you can very well code with Swift on Android. SCADE (i am the founder) provides a complete framework to develop native Swift Apps on Android. I am omitting an URL as i dont want to this to turn into an ad, just wanted to let you know. kind regards, Frank

Hi Frank! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll amend my post as it’s not “typical” but is possible

Hi, new website launched for Swift on Android https://www.swift-android.com/