Swift & Xcode Learning Milestones - Join-in ;)

I have recently returned to learning With Chris :slight_smile:
And found two new Free Courses to busy myself with.
The one on Swift is great, and I’m learning things I had trouble with before :slight_smile:
I have looked at the one on app’s and will be trying it soon :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! Were you able to complete all 3 paid courses prior?

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Nope, had trouble keeping up with the tutorials and gave up :disappointed:
But decided to try again and am getting there slowly :upside_down_face:
Spending hours going over one video repeating the video and working to understand the tutorial… but am making progress. I have almost finished the Swift course and done a couple of the App tuts too !!
I’m feeling good that I am making headway. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Have much to learn yet !!

just in time then. once you finish all those free tutorials the new updated ios fundamentals course 2019 (updated part 1 of the paid course) will be ready for you to take on :slight_smile:

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