SwiftUI and Databases

Hey Community,

I am trying to connect all the dots of how a new application will work SwiftUI and a database that will contain users/clients information?

  1. Is there a specific video that I should take a look at in order to know how the connections are made from querying/setting database from a controller then connecting to a view using ShiftUI?

  2. How does a user/client typically set their information into the database in which your application has access later in order to display UI based on user information such as basic account information?

  3. Is there a specific database that we should be working with? Example Core Data?

Thanks in Advance

I am in the same situation. I think its a bad time to start learning iOS developpement.

I beleive swiftUI is better then UKit and I want to directly learne swiftUI. Unfortunately 98% of the tutorials in the whole internet is based on old versions of Xcode and Ukit.

For your specific question. Forget Core data. There is chance it will be depricated one day. The best I think is MySql and a web api in php. Chris got a good tutorial about it. I manage to get my data, but when its time to pass it to a view… again all the tutorials assume we are working with storyboards or with scenedelegate etc… Let’s hope someone has a better answer then me! I migth come back to learning iOS in 6 months when Xcode 12 and swiftUI tutorials will be more developped.

Anything can be deprecated one day. I don’t see Core Data going anywhere any time soon. Perhaps a more swifty API to interface with it, but I would suggest going ahead and learning it. Plus, at least to my mind, it’s better to first learn the native APIs supplied by the platform vendor and then branch out to other stuff.

As for learning iOS and SwiftUI in general… there are plenty of tutorials and YouTube videos and books and Apple’s own developer pages available. And SwiftUI is so much easier to pick up than UIKit anyway. Far from being a bad time to start learning iOS development, this is a great time to do so, whether you go with the older, tried and true UIKit way or the new hotness of SwiftUI.

(Personally, if you are learning iOS development in order to work on your own apps, I would suggest starting with SwiftUI. That’s the future, even if UIKit will still be around for some time to come. On the other hand, if your goal is to get a job as an iOS developer, start with UIKit, as most existing codebases at companies you might end up working for will use it.)

Thanks for your comments. I was basing part of my answer on that post :


I love swiftUI. I am on the apple tutorials for now. I will probably get better and better every day! I just find it tuff to know where to put my stuff!