SwiftUI Navigation Bar - pushes view down

Hi everyone I find that unless I hide the Navigation bar by writing the below extension, the views are pushed down. i.e. let’s say i have 4 view app that starts from content view and you can keep clicking until the 4th view in the app - when I’m on the 4th view, unless I’ve hidden the nav bars, i see at the top a cascading view of nav bars that have pushed my contents to the middle of the screen. Am I doing it wrong to use navigation view as a vehicle to have a multi viewed app? Should i be doing this some other way?

struct HiddenNavigationBar: ViewModifier {
func body(content: Content) -> some View {
.navigationBarTitle("", displayMode: .inline)

extension View {
func hiddenNavigationBarStyle() -> some View {
modifier( HiddenNavigationBar() )