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SwiftUI vs UIKit for Camera app

I’m an experienced programmer but new to App development and the whole IOS set of frameworks etc. I’m really interested in building an app that will need to take short videos. I started down the SwiftUI courses but have now discovered it seems I may need UIView. I’m trying to work my way through the camera documentation here
Is there some API that for the camera that is directly compatible with SwiftUI or do I need to learn the UIKit basics first. I found something about viewing a UIKit view in a SwiftUI but got lost in the details.
Any advice about how I should move forward? Which courses to do?

You will need UIKit, SwiftUI doesn’t have this functionality natively yet.

I’d suggest going through the 14 day beginner challenge in UIKit, to get familiar, and then the documentation and various other tutorials for putting UIKit into SwiftUI won’t look as confusing

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Thanks. That was the plan I had come to earlier today. I just thought I’d check.

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In case someone else finds this post, this seems to have what I need. I’m still working through it.