SwiftUI vs. UIKit


I have a question regarding SwiftUI vs. UIKit.

I started learning IOS back in February with the course Learn IOS in 90 Days and so I’m most comfortable in SwiftUI. Now I realized that most apps out there are probably written in UIKit and so I thought if I do want to land my first job in IOS I might want to go back and learn UIKit. What are your thoughts on this? Should I continue with SwiftUI or go back and learn UIKit?

Thank you

What’s your timeframe that you want to find an iOS dev job?

Hi Mikaela,

I’m looking to land my first IOS dev job as soon as possible. Hopefully to start trying to apply by August. I don’t mind going back and learning UIKit, I just want to find the best course of action so that when I start I’m not wasting time and realized I should’ve done the other way.


You should definitely learn UIKit then. Yes a majority of the apps you’ll work with in your job will be in UIKit, not in SwiftUI.

I still agree with everything I wrote in this post


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Thanks Mikaela, I should definitely go back to UIKit soon then.

That’s my opinion!
Others don’t agree and think it’s fine to go all in on SwiftUI only, but it’s up to you