Switching between View Controllers


I have an App with many TableViewControllers using static cells, all embedded on 1 (iPad) screen. These tables are used for user input.

When the user interfaces with 1 TableViewController, how can I update the TableView of a second (different) TableViewController?

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Can you provide a screen capture of the storyboard layout of your ViewControllers.

Hi Chris,

so 7 embedded containers with each a TableViewController - that is where the user chooses

1 tableView with the scores on the left half of the screen - that is the table I want to reload when the user interacts with 1 of the 7 TableViewController on the right

Hi Johan,

At first glance that looks to be a very complicated storyboard and to be honest with you I can’t visualise what the overall intention is.

Maybe someone else has an idea. Sorry.

@Johan can you show a picture of what it looks like when it’s running?

Hi Mikael, here it is. Scores on the left hand. Selections through static tables on the right hand. How can I control the main tableView on the left through code in an embedded TableViewController on the right?



Can you explain what the App is supposed to do so that we understand the relationship between the tables on the right and how you expect them to interact with the table on the left? Is it some sort of game scoring system?

Exactly! Game scoring is kept in a table at the left.

Input through the static tables on the right.

In some cases there is need to update the score table on the left while interacting with an input table on the right.

Thank you

Inside your didSelectItem function in any of your tables on the right, I’d call tableView.reloadData on your left tableView

Again though I’d suggest a different UI, this seems very confusing from a first glance

hello, have to tried doing it a bit differently? instead of working with a bunch of tableviews maybe you can have just an uiswitch for the lists and have it all inside a single viewcontroller

Thank you Francis

That is exactly what I’m doing. I started out with tables however since that is the way Apple suggests to do it. But tables with static cells need have their own TableViewController which then needs to reside in a container….

Thanks again for your help