Tab bar & navigation bar

Hi all,

I want to build an app with an tab bar, whereby when activating one tab bar item, the view shall also include a navigation bar at the top with 3 items (“filter” -> popup with filter options, “search” -> popup with search field, “sort” -> dropdown menu with sorting options, see printscreen below). I designed the view in Figma and am now a bit lost on how to build the navigation bar with 3 items in the view following the navigation controller linked to specific tab bar item.

My Questions are:

  • Which view controller shall I continue with after the navigation controller to be able to create the navigation bar as shown in the screenshot?
  • is there a best practise what kind of view controller I should use?

I hope my question isn’t confusing & I highly appreciate your help on this.

Many thx in advance & cheers

hello, looks like you are trying to do a tabbedviewcontroller
a navigationviewcontroller is basically just the tab the top of the screen that you can see what “page” you are on and has a back button to go to the previous screen, if you want to make a “menu” to navigate into that should be different something like an “app drawer”


thanks for your help, that’s exactly what I was a bit confused of, I mixed up Navigation bar & the menu bar I have to create on my own. But that clears it up for me.

Again, thx a lot !!