Testing xCode 11

Hi everyone!

I just trying to test the xCode 11… but just opening and running just adding a LABEL I got this message…

Capabilities for signing & Capabilities may not function correctly because its entitlements…

Auto Layout Localization
Views without any layout constraints may clip their content or overlap other views

I try to created yesterday the WarApp step by step but when I try to running I got this message (just number 1) and… Warning 3 Key Commands must all have a Title Key, and Selector. Select each row in the table to check its configuration…

What could I do?


Warning 1 will appear if you are not signed in to a developer team/apple id.
It does not effect you unless you are going to run it on an actual iPhone.
Warning 2 will appear if you have no constraints on it. Refer to Chris’s Module 1 Lesson 2.
Warning 3… I have absolutely no idea, maybe you accidentally added an extra element, just check to see if you have a Table View.

Best of luck,