The #1 tip for becoming a better iOS developer

Hi there

Watch this from someone who ended going to work for Apple… what an amazing tip:

First post here. I’m excited I found out about CWC and look forward to diving into the LYFA learning path this week!

I’ve been learning about iOS development for years but always got stuck somewhere and keep starting over. Since the beginning of the year I joined kodeco dot com and cancelled again after two months (content outdated, confusing learning paths, terrible teaching pacing), went through Apple‘s official SwiftUI tutorial, grabbed two books (iOS 17 Programming for Beginners and SwiftUI Cookbook, both from packt dot com), subscribed to a bunch of Swift email newsletters (too many to list), found and from there, landed here!

To be fair—I probably overdid it a bit with all of the above and I did not complete either book I mentioned. I‘m sure they will be good resources down the line though :smiley:.

Having looked at the curriculum and content in the first CWC+ course I have to say it looks very complete and I can’t wait to get started.

I refuse to give up until I get my first app in the App Store—and I want to do it while I still have to write code myself before AI does it all for us.

I also really want to find out what all those ??? turn into later this year…

I wanted to share that #1 tip with you all because it’s excellent—and got a bit sidetracked.

See you around!