The beauty of a plan

Hi Code Crew,

I wanted to share and small victory from my puter.

When I begin a new project, I usually, just dive into Xcode and start coding and figuring it out as I go. As you might expect, this leads to several false starts and rework as the project develops.

On my latest project, the first thing I did was sit down with some mind mapping software. I happen to use MindNode, and there are several products in this class that do essentially all the same thing.

What taking the time to flow out the logic and the database requirements ahead of time allowed me to put all the brainpower (which is not much in my case) into the execution of my plan rather than figure out on the fly.

Anyway, I highly recommend spending that time to map out your thoughts before you launch Xcode. In addition, if you plan to offer the project in the App Store, you should come up with the name FIRST and register it. I discovered the hard way that an app I had finished up, the name was already taken. It is not impossible to change the name of an app in Xcode, but it is a hassle.

Good luck with your projects.


Great advice Mark!

I don’t know how you just jump in and start coding, I ALWAYS sketch it out and figure out what I want to do before jumping into code

Thanks for the recommendations!