The Chat App Lesson 9: Firebase Phone Authentication

I am aware that you have to have the Apple developer account in order to handle remote notifications for the silent notifications that allow for a smoother authentication. However, the wording seemed like reCAPTCHA would be a fallback.
Can you only use reCAPTCHA as a fallback if you already use Silent APNs notifications, or can you use it as the primary authentication method? If the answer is yes, you can use reCAPTCHA as primary, would someone be able to help describe how that is done? Thanks.

Otherwise I am running into:
The UIApplicationDelegate must handle remote notification for phone number authentication to work.
because I don’t have access to silent notifications.

Part of getting the Chat App working is that at the beginning of the Module Chris did say that you needed to have a paid developer account. I can’t quite remember (it was back in December 21) what exactly was the reason that dictated that but I do remember him saying so. Without going back over the videos to find that I can’t confirm where that was stated.

I read the Google documentation as being that reCAPTURE can only be used as a fallback in the case where authentication cannot be achieved through silent notifications but it suggests that you have to set up push notifications as the primary method in any case.

I don’t know what the alternative might be.

Thank you for providing a second pair of eyes on that documentation! I couldn’t quite figure out by the wording which way it was.