The project is the networking course is too

The project in the networking course is too geographic dependent. Is it possible to redo it or upgrade your YouTube course? I hope I am not asking too much.

The intention of the City Sights Application is to enable you to see Restaurants and Sights in and around the coordinates of where you are located.

When you use a simulator you can either use a custom location (which could be the coordinates of where you live or some other defined location that you can enter) or you can use the ones listed.

When you select the Custom Location you enter the coordinates in decimal like this:

When you say that it is “too geographic dependent”, what do you mean by that?

can you make a networking course, so that students do not need a vpn to access the api?

What country are you in?

I am In China, and many VPNs are not working properly in my country.

That’s unfortunate that so many restrictions are placed on you all where you live.

That is why I say your app is too geo dependent.