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Things to do before I start building my app

I’m almost done with the design phase of my app and am really excited to start building it!

I have a couple big questions:

  1. My app will be using a database, so the user will be creating, deleting and fetching data. I’m planning on using Firebase, but I’m wondering if making my own API would be better?

  2. I’m a solo developer and I’m considering using Bitrise as well. What are the benefits? Can I count on the code running just fine if there are no build errors in Xcode, or are there other errors Bitrise can detect that Xcode cannot?

  3. Are there any other steps I can get from an experienced developer that I should consider before creating my views and whatnot?


As a beginner, definitely just use Firebase!! Making your own API is a whole different kind of project (Unless you also want to learn this, go for it.)
But using Firebase is perfectly fine and easier to do than making your own API

Here’s a great explanation of the benefits of using Bitrise.

Bitrise is used for a process called CI/CD. Which is overall more useful when working in a team, but Maegan gives some good reasons to use it when working solo.

But no build errors in Xcode is perfectly fine, Bitrise is used more with testing and automating things.
(Personally I don’t use CI/CD on my personal projects)

I’d have to see your app to really answer this, but just go ahead and build it! :slight_smile: ask questions in the forum and the community can help along the way!

Your app doesn’t have to be perfect, my first iOS app is a trivia app