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Thinking About Taking The "Learn iOS in 90 days"


I’m thinking about becoming a CWC+ member since there’s a three months promotion for it. However before I proceed with that, I want to plan out which course I want to start with. One of the courses that caught my attention was the “Learn iOS in 90 days”. Considering that I’ve already watched the “Learn Swift in 2021” YouTube video, is this a relevant course to take after? How advanced does it get? What kind of app is the end goal?

I’m a newbie to app development. So all I’m looking for is to gain a solid knowledge of iOS development during my 3 months of break.

Thanks in advance for all the help and opinions :slight_smile:

I was also on the same page, where you are right now!
I choose to go with the membership as the price was reasonable to take a taste of the courses and this strong Community.
I would say, the youtube video which you just say was the first 14 days of the 90 day course.
eventually the syllabus will get more difficult but it will make you habitual of being grind with the course.
I will definitely recommend you this course as the CWC+ membership not only gives you access of 90 Day course but various other course, which will help you build your own UI/UX of app, and various other stuff like, database connection and all.
it sounds interesting but I would say, it requires a little bit of will power to visit the link daily and code with chris but it will definitely worth it.

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Thanks for the insight :slight_smile: I just subscribed to CWC+