This app could not be installed at this time

Hi everyone I’m new here just started yesterday. Till now everything was going fine but there’s one problem, whenever I try to run my project app on simulator to see how it looks it says "This app could not be installed at this time "

Please can anyone help me with this??
It’ll be very helpful for me

Can you provide some more details, maybe some screenshots too.

maybe there are still errors on the app?.. or your computer/emulator cant handle using a simulator?

you should try using a physical device it might help

I have the same issue. I attached the error message. Could anybody help me with this?Thanks!

This is another warning message I have. I am not sure if this is the reason and how to fix it. Thanks!

oh i think it needs a device for it to create your profile. do you have any ios devices? plug it in

it cannot install until xcode can make the provisioning profile for you

Thanks for your advice.

Do I have to enroll the developer program to create my profile, which I have to pay $100/year? Thanks again.

Hey everyone, actually it’s the same error for me as @gary_inzaghi, to be honest I don’t own an ios device & also I’m running my macOS via vmware on my windows pc, so that’s all the details I could provide.
May be someone can help image

Hi I think I may find the reason. Because I am running MacOS through VirtualBox on my Windows notebook. This is probably the reason which means we have to own a real Mac to use Xcode, I think.

I think you have to own a real Mac to use the simulator and deploy to your own phone. But you should be able to use just Xcode just fine

Yes, actually I can use it fine but the problem is I can’t check the app which I’m building.