This app would not exist without Chris


I would like to thank Chris for all the great videos about SwiftUI! He made me enthusiastic about building my own app.
After seeing many videos it cost me a few weeks (evenings, weekends) to build my first app.
It was accepted in the app store, without any complaints.

It is an app (in Dutch language), based on a wordpress api as backend.
Appstore link


That’s so awsome, @roelonline !!! Congrats!! :tada:

Hey Roel, that’s really awesome! Congratulations :slight_smile:
This gives me an idea to do a tutorial for using wordpress as a CMS for apps!

PS. We’d love to spotlight your app on our Instagram account if you’re up for it! Simply fill this out:


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Thnx Chris! :slight_smile: I’m sure lots of people would love to see a tutorial about this topic.