Thoughts on the Paid Course CWC+

Just a quick note about my first month experience on the paid course.

I was completely new to coding.

I did the freeby CWC YouTube course and liked the presentation style and clarity, so unusually for me I signed up for the paid version.

I have to say I am hugely impressed.

I am consuming the lectures at the rate of about 5 a day but a lot of the learning is sticking and the teaching (even though the topics get more complex and heavy) is clear and fun.

There’s actually a huge amount of tuition behind the paywall and its all really relevant, useful stuff. Its all got ‘replay’ value too, I play to do the whole course set, then start again from the beginning. There is huge amounts of tuition crammed into each session.

I’ve just treated myself to a cheapy Mac (is there any such thing) and I’m trying very hard to stay on the lecture series and not wander off making my own stuff.

I’ve really enjoyed it and I strongly recommend it to anyone. You definitely need to commit to hard work but the course is a real bargain at the subscription rates asked.

(Nothing to do with the CWC team, just someone who always wnted to code but found the options for starting to learn were like eating sand)


this is great to hear. if possible would you please post about your experience in our feedback form. we would really appreciate it :slight_smile: