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Thread 1: "An NSManagedObject of class 'Task' must have a valid NSEntityDescription."

When I click “save” on my core data project, I always get this error message that says "Thread 1: “An NSManagedObject of class ‘Task’ must have a valid NSEntityDescription.”
Can you please help me?

@And_12 Maybe this stack overflow post can help solve your issue.

yep… I came here because that didn’t work either.

Hey @And_12! The solution can be plenty of things depending on the problem. Can you give more details about what you have done so far?

If not, you can also do the following, to determine the problem:

  1. Check your xcdatamodel to check if you have declared the Task entity in your schema. Click on your Task entity and check the Data Model inspector on the right side of Xcode. Make sure to set Codegen section to either Class Definition or Category/Extension.
  2. Make sure your xcdatamodel is using the correct target, you can check this on your File Inspector on the right side of Xcode, and under Target Membership.
  3. Make sure you specify the correct persistent container name in your provider. You need to double check if your persistent container name is the same name as your xcdatamodel name.