Transferring developer and distribution certificate to new macbook

Hi Chris (didn’t realise the Facebook forum is closed, a kind soul directed me here). I have couple of questions. I’ve bought a new MacBook Air. Now so far I have been working on old Air and launched 4 apps. How do I transfer the developer certificate to my new MacBook? When I sign into Apple Developer site, I see the cert attached to my old machine (which I’m planning to sell). Do I have to revoke and generate a new one? If I revoke will it affect the launched apps?

  1. As for my distribution cert, it has expired a while ago and I haven’t renewed it. Can I generate a new one from my new Mac?

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Hi @Guru_N Welcome to the community!

You can go to your account setting at and download your current certificate. Then in the Xcode preference, you can install it on your new machine. And yes, you can generate a new cert and install it as well.


Thanks a lot Mark for your quick response. Do I have to do anything on my old Mac regarding the certificates? Or just sign out of all iCloud accounts, wipe date and will that be enough? Thanks.

that should be enough i think, your certs are linked to your apple id so it should not be able to access by the device. you can also try removing the device from you list of devices to be really sure

Thanks Francis, I went to developer page link where it said how to export and import (Xcode preferences, account tab, hold gear icon export on old mac, and in new mac same steps import cert.) Also generated Distribution certificate from new mac. But when I access developer page, it shows certificates attached to old mac. Should I revoke them? Or just sign out of all iCloud/developer accounts? Let me know, thanks a lot!

if it doesn’t affect your apps then maybe it should be fine to revoke them as long as you have provided the new certificates