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Trigger several notifications in few seconds in Apple Watch

Hi all,
Im making a standalone Apple Watch app that is like alarm clock and so needs to use local notifications to trigger the bells when time is met (or thats the workaround Im using). The thing is like any alarm clock I want to play at least a few bells in some seconds, so I make several notifications, but when I try this only the first bell rings, the rest are grouped and I dont listen to more than one bell with this technique, so how can I make these notifications not be grouped or else suggest how could I play several bells in a row in the Apple Watch standalone app please, thanks for any help


Welcome to the community.

You probably noticed that there is not much on this forum about Apple Watch. Chris Ching has not created any tutorials on it and that is primarily because the focus of the forum is just the iPhone.

You are probably best advised to search on line.

Hi, thank you, and I think the solution will work on either iPhone or Apple Watch as I have tested so far, local notifications are very similar and only big difference might be that in iPhone one can play custom sound in notifications as I understood but in Apple Watch we cant do that, but aside from that all is similar, so what Im looking fo might be something really simple just Im a bit new to notificatons as I discovered them in Chris video about local notifications