Trouble on finding the right Database

First of, I’m new to App Developing and coding and I know there are a couple of videos explaining how to use a database and which options you have, but I have a specific question that I don’t really understand. Let’s say for example you have an App, telling you the nearest hair stylist and their information, such as adress, reviews, pricing, their location on a map and so on. How can you get those specific informations into an app and how can you make the app filtering those informations out of the internet and what kind of database do you need to use?

I hope this question is kinda understandable and somebody can help me.

All the best,
Maurice ( ;

Hi Maurice!

This isn’t really an instance to use a database. This is more about finding the proper API.

For this specific question, I’d look into google maps API or even Yelp.

A database is for saving data, either locally on the device, or in the cloud.

Thanks for the reply!
So how can I know which API I have to use?
Like how can I find the right API for my App or the information that I need. So let’s say I want to make an App telling you the contact information of Technology Stores.
I get what you saying, I’m just not sure how to find an API giving me the exact data I need.
Hope that makes sense…
All the best,
Maurice ( :

Maurice, you’ll need to research h that API, looking at the “endpoints” to see what data you get back.

Endpoints are basically places you can “hit” to find data

I’m not familiar enough with coding, to know what all these things are, but I think I will learn that during the coding…thanks for your help and regards.


These videos may be helpful!
Just takes practice to know what things are

Thanks. Appreciate that!