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Trouble with Menu 05 Challenge

Hi - I am struggling to get a working solution to the challenge. Conceptually, it should be simple. Use the List over an array. My problem is figuring out how to keep adding elements into the array, randomly, from the list (array) of original words. Can someone share their solution? Thanks.

Welcome to the community!

The challenges have included solutions from Chris! At the beginning of module

Thank so much for your quick reply. I agree, that solutions to the lecture are in the resources, but, I have looked, and looked, and looked - I can’t find the solution for this specific challenge… If it’s there, I’d appreciate a link or screen shot on how to find it - otherwise, a hint at the solution. Thanks again.

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I second that. I can´t seem to find the solution too :confused:

Oh no! Let me double check it’s linked

@DerLandarzt welcome to the community! Thanks for also letting us know you’re having the same issue

Thanks for the heads up! I’m putting up the solution in a sec… Will follow up here when it’s in dropbox!

@DerLandarzt @piratemc74
The challenge solution is in the dropbox Lesson 5 folder now. Thank you for the heads up everyone!

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Wow, that was fast! Thank you very much!

Thanks so much… couldn’t get the “id” for the list item… I tried creating a new Struct, but, was having issues instantiating a new instance of the Struct, and putting the random word over it, then, using List on the struct… Using the inherent “id” makes sense…