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Trying to create app that links to wesite

my business partner and i have a website for our business. we use the website to track client locations and different reports that go with each client location. report types on monthly inspections, work orders etc. we want the app to be able to create reports and they will be visible on the website and vice versa. how would we go about doing this?

Welcome to the community @gcelano

Your backend for the website and app need to be able to communicate.

Where are these reports stored currently? How is the website accessing them?

the webiste is hosted on Azure and i think that is where everything is stored

does the website have an API? or if you request information does it return a JSON?

if thats the case you might want to check out swiftyjson SwiftyJSON: How To Parse JSON with Swift

The website may be hosted there but where is the data that’s being saved to create reports?

If it’s also azure (azure database) you’ll need to access that from your app