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Udacity "iOS Developer" Nanodegree: Has anyone experience with it?


has anyone been enrolled into the iOS Developer-Nanodegree by Udacity? Perhaps finished it.

Is it a good course? Is this firm trustworthy?

Is the certificate, one gets in the end, acknowledged by employers?
There are people saying one shouldn’t even mention certificates from online-course on a cv. That would be conceived as dubious and would therefore rather backfire. But how can one show skills as a beginner, if one has no real job-experience yet? Therefore I’m basically interested in the Nanodegree, but not sure if it’s worth the money and effort.

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I’ve seen this course but o have no taken it.

Most likely not. There’s not “official certificates” for iOS development.

Build an app! Build an app and post it on GitHub. Make a todo app, a trivia app, tic tac toe. Just make something. Clone an app (make the UI of Spotify, YouTube, something)

With CWC+ content you could get a junior job with the knowledge he provides.

There are lots of free and paid resources. What kind of outcome are you looking for in your learning journey?

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thanks a lot for answering.

I’m currently planning to learn a bit of everything: Xcode, Swift, UI, design, data storage. Then diving deeper into one or two topics.

The goal is to get enough skills to be employable as a junior developer in the iOS field.