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UI based on user login

Hey guys.
I am soon to begin programming my final exam project for school.

I have decided to build an app where a user can log in to see a list of which discounts they have access to, provided by their employer.

I’m pretty sure I will be using firebase for authentication and login.

But what is the easiest way to show each user a separate list of discounts based on their login?

I hope my question kinda makes sense. And I will be more than happy for any input or experience you guys can provide for me.

Regardless, have a nice day everyone! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome to the community!

You’ll need to use Firebase database (for Firestore) these are two different kinds of databases that Firebase offers

You’ll need to save different lists depending on the user

So you’ll have userA and they can access discountA, discountB, and discountC

UserB can see discountD, and discountE

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