UICollection - golf scorecard

Evening Community,
I am looking for suggestions on the best wat to create a table that resembles a golf scorecard. I have thought about doing a layered image (card on the bottom layer and add score images on top) but that seems like a cheap way out. So it is between a collection and a table but I am kinda stuck with both at the moment. Does anyone have thoughts, ideas, or pointers on the best path to go down?

Thanks (in advance),

Hi Bruce,

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What framework are you going to use to create the Golf Card? UIKit (storyboard) or SwiftUI?

I was hoping UIKit but either will work (I will just have to get smarter if not UIKit. Any suggestions and/or some examples I can pull from to get a jump start?

The best thing to do is sketch out on paper how you want the card to look on the screen and then make decisions from there as to how to implement it. I played golf (extremely poorly) many years ago and can’t remember what a score card looks like now anyway.

So essentially the card is a series of small boxes with a stroke count per hole (I want to start small). I have played with UICollectionView but seems klunky - my idea was to overlay the scores as an image over the collectionview of a series of small boxes. Just having issues controlling those boxes and making it look nice. Any other ideas as I am running out from my experience level. I am willing to try other options!

Is the card you are modelling it on a bit like this:

Yes but for now I am leaving the tee colors off since that is course dependent. Staying simple using gps to grab distances of each club and keep score. Also already wrote a cute ball finder using some image training.

I don’t have enough experience in Collection Views to the extent that I can offer you any guidance. Maybe have a search on StackOverflow to see if you can find anything useful.

Yea not much useful there. Any other ideas how I might do it?

Whatever layout mechanism that you use, it could be that the device needs to be used in Landscape mode so that you have more real estate from left to right to make use of and then be able to scroll up. Just thinking aloud.