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UIImageViews programmatically


Can you advice me some materials or videos how to place an image views where a user wants and with the sizes user wants? For instance, if you want to place my image in the view controller to the right with sizes 100x100, then to the left with sizes 250 x250.

You would have to have some kind of text field where the user could type these dimensions.

You then can take these dimensions and use them in a variable for the constraint and activate them once a button is clicked

no, I need to define the place of a UIImageView centre by a users touch. Then I need to define the sizes of image. How to do the first?

thats utilizing the gesture recognition (including touch) so check that out… i think it might be easier to do this in a Storyboard app rather than SwiftUI

Thank you for the advice but if you can find fast some suitable links, send me straightly. My app is storyboard.

@Beginner this would be the best place to start! Begin searching for gesture recognition tutorials.

Being able to search and find resources is a valuable skill for a developer to learn!

That’s not about development or sth connected with engineering, only about my erudition. Which depends on the unneeded books I have read(classic like Tolstoy, etc). But thats not about engineering or science, nor about development. Also, I guess that my app won’t be popular until I didn’t understand how to popularise my app and you don’t explain me how to do this because you don’t want to explain anything from payd content or you don’t need a concurancy for your own apps that do nothing important. Actually apps don’t do anything important, except sth to download files, browsers, maybe notes, settings in iphones but no more.

I’m sorry I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say. To solve your question about UIImageViews you should begin researching about “gesture recognizers”