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UIKit vs SwiftUI

Hi again Chris,

Yes almost, the thing that confuses me more is that, by watching your building apps videos on youtube, I see that with UIkit storyboard project, you’re able to add multiple view controller, this way you can scroll/ swipe between from right to the left just like the "
Find my kids" app. Unlike Swift UI, you have only ContentView and I see that, there’s no storyboard, to be able to add multiple ViewController. I just want to get to know. Does Hierarchical Navigation replace the ViewControllers or is this apply both for Swift UI & Uikit? I’m sorry for complicating and going deep down.


Try not to overthink or over analyse the differences between UIKIt and SwiftUI. You will find that by following tutorials and then applying what you have learned to your own projects that you will gradually understand the way SwiftUI works and then you will begin to understand where the similarities exist between the two Frameworks.

There are fundamental similarities in that the end result is a “View” of some kind. By “View” I mean what the User is presented with on screen. The way the two frameworks achieve that differs and what you will find over time that with very little coding in SwiftUI you get a result that takes a far greater amount of code and configuring associated Storyboard elements to achieve the same result.

Also I moved your post to a New post since the original thread had already been solved.

The other thing is that you may be confusing me with Chris Ching (owner of this community page and the creator of all the content on Code With Chris). I am one of the moderators and just happen to have the same first name.