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Unable to build my app onto my phone

This happens almost every time I update either my Mac or my iPhone. I get the following error message when I try to build my app onto my phone (it has worked in the past):

“The run destination Peter’s iPhone 13 Pro is not valid for Running the scheme ‘Bill & Task Manager’”

MacOS version: 12.6.6
iPhone IOS version: 16.4.1
iPhone 13 Pro

I asked about this in the Feedback app about two weeks ago, but got no response.

What’s your Xcode version? (That’s more important than the Mac version)

Which question did you ask? You can link it here or comment on your original question again, most questions are sorted by date, and sometimes when people ask a lot of questions they can kind of get buried

Xcode Version 14.2 (14C18)

Do you mean what was the question ID? It was FB12124426.

No I meant there’s a link button you can copy and paste onto this thread, but what’s best is actually commenting on your post, that you’re still looking for a reply.

As you’ve seen, you need to be careful upgrading devices and Xcode because things can become incompatible.

iOS 16.4.1 is not compatible with Xcode 14.2 you need to upgrade to 14.3. You can read this in the Xcode 14.3 release notes that it supports iOS 16.4, but as seen in the Xcode 14.2 release notes only iOS 16.2 was compatible

I would recommend downloading Xcodes (with an s at the end) which allows you to download multiple Xcode versions at once (if you have the disk space)

I’ll see if I can upgrade my Xcode, but I have automatic updates turned on, so I don’t know why it’s not up to date.

Well, it says I need MacOS 13 to update Xcode, but it doesn’t show MacOS 13 available.

What do you mean doesn’t show it available? Like in settings you can upgrade your OS?

What version is your MacBook?

Generally depending on how serious you are with iOS dev, I wouldn’t recommend having auto update on, because of these reasons with compatibility issues, so you can alway upgrade exactly when you want to

In settings, I can only update to macOS 12.6.6, which I already have.

I did the last updates manually. How would I know what’s compatible with what?

Turns out I need Ventura and my MacBook Pro is too old. So if I want to keep working on my app, I have to buy a new computer.

So if I want to keep working on my app, I have to buy a new computer.

No you don’t have to buy a new computer. Install the support files for iOS 16.4 to your Xcode 14.2 app bundle, and you can debug your project on a device running iOS 16.4. Turn off automatic updating on your device to keep debugging your project on that device in the future. The following article has more details:

Dealing with “Failed to prepare device for development” Error Message in Xcode

I appreciate the suggestion and I’m going to need more help with that. I looked at the GitHub page where the files are listed.

Is the file I want " [Added support files: iOS 16.2, iOS 16.3, iOS 16.4.]"? Do I need all three?

Using this solution, I guess I won’t be able to update my phone (or Xcode). I don’t think I can live with that for long.

You need 16.4 because that’s the version your device is running.

Sorry to be gone so long. I got involved with something else.

I downloaded the “16.4” folder which contains the following:

  • DeveloperDiskImage.DMG
  • DeveloperDiskImage.signature

What do I do with these?

I looked at the Xcode bundle where the device support files are. There’s a folder for a corresponding iOS version. Each folder has those two DeveloperDiskImage files.

All you should have to do is copy the 16.4 folder there.

I have not copied iOS device support files before so I can’t provide more assistance on this. The following thread may help if you need more detailed instructions on copying the device support files to the Xcode bundle:

XCode 14.2 (14C18) breaks with iOS 16.4 (IPhone 14/13/12 Pro & iPhoneX) - Failed to prepare device for development after OS/iOS updates

Well, that was easier than I expected. The reference described where to move the folder. I moved it there and it worked!

I still need to buy a new computer if I want to be able to keep up with Xcode changes, but at least now there’s no hurry.

Thanks – I love this forum.