Unable to download images

Unable to download the images of war card game


If you are referring to the image assets, which course are you following? SwiftUI or UIKit?

Hi, I am following SwiftUI

If you scroll up to the Introduction Module and expand it so that you can see the topics, then tap on the topic Materials for this course.

On the next page tap on the button Download Materials and that will take you to a DropBox structure that holds materials for the entire course.

Select the Module you are doing (Module 1 in this case) and then select the Lesson you are on (I suspect that it is Lesson 4) and on that screen tap on the Download button on the top right of your screen. Decompress the zip file that will download.

NOTHING HAPPENING BRO, Introduction module is not expanding.

Please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing. Something just does not take sense.

This is what you should be seeing:

Move your cursor over to the left hand side where all the topics are listed and scroll to the top of that section.

Thank you mate got the solution.

No worries. I knew you would figure it out eventually.

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He is showing you a picture of iOS Foundations (UIKit) and he is telling you that he is looking at iOS Foundations (SwiftUI).