Understanding value of type

Good morning,
I am having trouble understanding the error message

Instance member 'dateFrom' cannot be used on type 'AdministrationReport'; did you mean to use a value of this type instead?

Read up on Swift doc for properties but still cannot see how to get value ( although I suspect it is simple) .

I am passing date vars to generate a query for a report

struct AdministrationReport: View {
    @Environment(\.modelContext)  var context
    @State  var dateFrom: Date
    @State  var dateTo: Date
    @State  var reportCycles: Bool
    @State  var reportLabels: Bool
    @Query (filter: #Predicate<Pouch> { pouch in
        pouch.packDate >= dateFrom && pouch.packDate <= dateTo },  \\   error here 
            sort: [SortDescriptor(\Pouch.packDate)]) var pouches: [Pouch]
    var body: some View {
        NavigationStack {
            Form {

Without the query it is confirmed the vars are passed . I am stuck in using them in the query predicate .
Any direction is appreciated

Ok got it
You define type properties with the static keyword.

so this works

 @State  static var dateFrom: Date = Date.now
    @State  static var dateTo: Date = Date.now

also a value has to be a placeholder