Unresolved Identfier

Hello everyone! I am following the “Firebase Authentication” tutorial and am struggling with my SignUpViewController. I have written the code basically word for word alongside Chris and get the error message “unresolved identifier passwordTextField” along with other unresolved identifiers lower down. I am brand new to coding and can not figure out how to resolve this! Please help! I have attached my error messages alongside my code. Thanks so much in advance!!

hello, it seems like you just typed the the iboutlets at the top. you need to use the assistant editor and connect the outlets properly

Awesome thank you!!! This worked!

Hey, so just having an issue with the identifier. As you can see the code comparison is equal but Xcode acts like the fuelLevel var doesn’t exist between scopes. I know Chris said it doesn’t but his code and mine look the same so why am I having trouble?

you should make a new post for this, but to answer your question its because your closed off the Spaceship class using “}” after your addFuel function

so its not part of the class anymore