Uploading my app on my phone but only for personal use

OK, I sent in my plea, but I don’t have much hope. I was told that I shouldn’t expect a response.

If anyone else feels the way I do, feel free to let Apple know.


yes that true especially for hobbyist that just wants to have fun and experiment on different kinds of apps, heck they can limit it to unlimited uses but only “one” phone for free account and it should be fine

yes, I agree. Usually the benefit of making your own anything is it’s a cheaper alternative. But here we have to pay $100 a year to use our own app, when we can get others for free or cheap.

It would be decent of Apple to allow limited personal use for non-profit makers, but I guess they are just thinking about maximising their own profit. If enough people complained then there might be a shift. Blocking use of your own personal app is a mean-spirited, sad thing for a tech super-giant to implement.

Well, I bit the bullet and paid $98.99 (strange amount) for a year’s worth of using my own app. As long as I’m paid up, I guess I’ll start working toward getting my app in the App Store. If I can do it in less than a year, I won’t have to pay to use my app. Of course, if I want to update it…