Uploading my app on my phone but only for personal use


Is it possible to upload an app that I made only for my personal without passing by the appstore? The reason for that it’s that I don’t want top pay for my own app xD.

I think you need to get an Apple Developer account in order to deploy an app onto your phone.
Watch Module 7 of the Foundations course to set you up for deploying your app on an actual device.
Chris has a bunch of videos that will teach you how to do that.

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So is there anyway to get the app on my phone without paying the 100$ per year?

I am no expert on this topic but unfortunately, I don’t think so.

There are restrictions on the number of Apps you can create in Xcode and the number of Apps you can load onto a real device with a Free Developer account.

The maximum number of Apps you can create in Xcode in a 7 day window is 10.
The maximum number of Apps you can put on your device is 3.

This becomes a real hassle if you are following a course that requires you to create multiple Apps as part of the course.

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Thank you for the insight! So I do create a developper account but I don’t need to pay. Also, is the upload process the same as if I pay for the 100$ or I have to go through a different process and if so, what is it?

As far as I remember (it was mid 2017 when I started out) you add your Apple Id to Xcode via Preferences > Accounts and once you have that setup you then connect your phone to your Mac and you can select it as a build destination.

This link may be helpful:

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you can add it to your phone but only install it directly (like make your phone as the simulator) but it will only be usable for 7 days using the free developer account

afterward you need to run it again to “refresh” the 7 days and be able to use it again

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Do I lose all the data of the app by refreshing every 7 days?

no, unless you uninstall it