Username &password


I have a JSON file that contains the names and passwords of the employees
I want to install it on the login page so that every employee can access his page by username, password, is there any video that explains it in detail
Thanks to all :heart_eyes::two_hearts:

Use Chris’ JSON parsing video to parse it correctly and then look for that user/password.

Although you shouldn’t ever save passwords in just a JSON file, that’s not secure and not a good practice at all

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Really … well I will do your advice :two_hearts::two_hearts:

but in what do you advise me on the login page if it is not safe to register passwords, what do I give in the login page other than the username …/?
Or there is another way to advise me
I need advice and don’t
Using e-mail because some employees do not have an e-mail, and it is difficult for me to make an e-mail for every employee