Vet Appointment through app

Hi folks,

I am making an app in which a user can make an appointment with the vet near to the user’s location. I wanna know please, how can I not clash with the appointment took at vet’s clinic. For eg if a user books appointment for mon at 8am through my app and someone else who called in the clinic and booked for the same time and date.

Please help me how can I get around this, and just to be clear I don’t have that much budget to make a website.

PS: I am a beginner.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

You would have to coordinate with the vet’s system to make sure you both are using the same system.

Or have access to their system and be able to check if their calendar, and they can see yours as well.

Are you making a website or an app??

This can be a complicated process and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners

its an app actually, initially I was thinking just to show users the vets near them based on their location. But even google does that.