VIdeo lesson 1 has different interface to Xcode12

Hi I have a similar issue to the may7 post in that the interface is different in the videos but i am on the Xcode12 version. I created a project with storyboard as suggested but the control icons are not showing up as in the video lesson 1 -

IS there a way I can configure xcode12 to match your interface?

If not when will you be updating the videos to match the xcode12 interface changes?

Was hoping to get going on the challenge asap.

Thanks in advance

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the code crew community.

Yes, unfortunately the latest revision of Xcode is a little different to earlier versions.

Which Lesson series are you watching? Maybe provide a link to the video and describe which part of the Xcode interface you can’t identify.

Hi there, okay so I had two issues with the Xcode change. These are the fixes below.

  1. If your issue is opening the assistant from the storyboard to link IB Outlets then the new way is highlighted in red. (You can edit the assistant to be on the right side of the screen or at the bottom of the screen now. Use the layout button under assistant for that.)

  2. If you issue is being able to hide the side bar on the right and left of the screen, as well as the debugger window at the bottom then the new buttons are in blue. Note, you won’t see the bottom button unless your simulator is running.

Hope this helps