Video transcripts are broken

Hey there

I’m pretty deep into iOS Foundations–in fact am I’m almost done and looking forward to the networking course.

One thing I noticed, though… the transcripts that show up below lesson videos are broken:

Are you aware of this? The video I’m showing a screenshot for is 25min long but the transcript just stops after a few lines.

Hi Ismar,

The notes below the Video are not a transcript of the video. They are merely brief notes about the lesson that is about to be presented. The example screenshot has the following notes below:

"In the last lesson, you learned about the structure of JSON data. You even learned how to express our Guidebook App’s hardcoded data in JSON data format.

In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to translate JSON data into usable Swift instances in our app."

So that briefly describes what was in the previous lesson and what is to be presented in this lesson.

Hi Chris

Ok, I understand. Something about those descriptions is still a bit off, however:

That does not read like “brief notes about the lesson that is about to be presented”.

It reads like a sentence from the middle of the current video somewhere, which I suppose led me to believe the text below is a transcript of the video.

If those texts are “fixed” and hard-coded somewhere, I suppose it might help to go through them all and check if the text below the video makes sense.

Thanks for your quick answer!

“Let’s add a button to the Detail View of our attractions to programmatically trigger the opening of the Apple Maps app with the correct lat/long coordinates.”

This encapsulates what the episode is about. Perhaps you are over thinking it a little.

You’re absolutely right. I do have a tendency of overthinking things :slight_smile:
I’m super happy with the courses so let’s leave it at that.