Videos won't play/stream in AV Player

Hi, I have a table of video titles and have an AVPlayer opening on didselect row etc.
The player opens but the spinner whirs away and the video does not show. (Vimeo and You tube tried)

I get an error: 2020-05-01 20:05:40.134230+0200 OPCIS[13836:2385284] [] nw_endpoint_flow_copy_multipath_subflow_counts Called on non-Multipath connection

I have done some investigation and have come up with this:

So I thought I would try and change the settings in the signing and capabilities pane. I managed to get an .entitlements file to show but as soon as I set multipath to YES, it says that my provisioning profile will not allow it.

I’m just a beginner on the course, so don’t really know what I’m doing. Is there any step-by-step advice that I could have please?

Richard x