Visusal Studio Code


Im new here. And u feel very happy to be here and find a community that can Help me.
Im learning Swift, and i was wondering:
Could i code the Language Swift in Visual Stuido Code?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Hi @King_Peter

Welcome to the community!

Apparently, according to their Web site, you can.

I am not sure how much help most of us can be with it, as the forum is really focused around Apple’s IDE, Xcode.

Likely, many folks can help with Swift though.

Good luck!

@King_Peter you can write Swift on VSCode, but it’s only a language, to actually do iOS development, you need a Mac

yes, but if you use visual studio community, you can(just that you can’t to visual storyboard UI editing), you have to use XML or something like that, which is too hard.
(you can use swift, swifui and a bunch of other stuff but just not the storyboard UI and visual swiftui)

the files you find in visual studio are the same in xcode but the way the storyboard files are presented is different

Yes .storyboard files are specific for Xcode and Mac.

You need a Mac